Angry with Olympus…

Oh Olympus what have you done?

One of these days on the streets:

“Oh, is that the new Pen F?”

I carried my Leica IIIa with a big hulking external viewfinder on top…..

9 thoughts on “Angry with Olympus…

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      1. Exactly, it kind of makes me feel uneasy about my Fuji. I love it so much (honestly love) but I know that in ten years time, a film camera is much more likely to still be working, in the same way, with the same quality.

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  1. Don’t feel bad, the X100, it’s a great camera…..while it lasts, hehe.

    No kidding, it’s great really and gave me nearly the feel of film cameras when I had one. Who knows, one day I’ll perhaps go digital again…. Never say never!

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