Generation Art – The Sixth Challenge

Yes, this was the sixth challenge, the first one where I was not participating.

I watched it tonight and saw my colleagues, my friends battling to stay in the game and secretly I said to myself ‘good that I had to leave last week!’.IMG_0461

Honestly, last week’s challenge was tough for me as my old head understands photography but not much that comes after that.

This week’s challenge was something very different again – combining photography, video and music to create a very personal work…. How would I have done that on film? A bloody slide show… boring!IMG_0465

And then again, though I work in Lightroom I just understand the basic features, those that allow me to work on photographs just like in a darkroom. Tweaking contrast, dodging, burning… that about sums up my capacities. Let’s not even start speaking about Photoshop…

Now putting together a slide show for someone whose ingrained belief is that each photo must stand for itself is an impossible task. Well, nearly so.

So I have no regrets… mostly. I just miss the nice fellowship we had, and the great moments we went through.IMG_0589

So I just have some iPhone shots here that I took during the past weeks. Great reminders of a very nice adventure!IMG_0466


161220 - Ricoh GR1 - Ilford HP5+ (10)



Just one word to Léa who had to leave tonight: Don’t take it too hard. You did very great work during these weeks and you will go far! Keep on keeping on!

As always, shortly after the airing, the show will be online HERE for those interested!













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  1. Well, filming with analogue film is still quite prevalent. That said, you would have had to hire the equipment.
    Joking aside, such a test is nonsense. This is not photography in any sense of the word. It is RTL playing to its audience and looking for quota.

    If you want to test photographic capabilities, RTL could have set up a fashion shoot or sent everyone to shoot a wedding from 9:00h to 23:00h. Those are both real life and not particularly easy challenges.

    At least your pictures are nice!

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