Among my First Analog Photos, Thank you Canonet 28

It’s been 4 years now that I have returned to film photography. At first not full time, but later increasingly so.130105 - Canonet 28-2

What brought me back to it? Simple answer, the Fuji X100!

I bought this wonderful camera used on eBay and as soon as I shot my first frames I sold my Canon gear (an ageing EOS 300D and an EOS 400D and a fistful of lenses).Just some weeks after I realised that this camera reminded me of something… of the nice old film cameras. With it’s retro look, it’s retro ‘user interface’ it reminded me of the good old times when I shot my Canon AE-1 and my Nikon F….

And I took the plunge!130105 - Canonet 28-9

I bought an Olympus 35SP and a Canonet 28, both amazing cameras with great lenses and a great feel to them. The photos in this post are a tribute to that great, simple camera called Canonet 28 that brought me back to the real art of photography!130105 - Canonet 28-1

Unfortunately, the 35SP was full of fungus and I was never addicted to it, but the Canonet 28, the poor sibling of the Canonet 17 was just great and of course led to a buying spree of dozens of cameras in the following years.130105 - Canonet 28-3

And ultimately it led to my abandoning digital photography more than 2 years ago.

So thank you Fuji, and thank you Canon!130105 - Canonet 28-21

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Among my First Analog Photos, Thank you Canonet 28

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  1. Great photos and a nice camera!
    Haha, that’s a funny spin on all this fuji obsession;-) I mean, I’ve been shooting film for about 5 years now and though I’m not going to abandon it I want an x100 too. Just to be my digital companion exactly because of the retro reasons and film simulation. So I wouldn’t feel too far away from the analogue side))

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    1. It’s a great camera, and I’d prefer the original X100 though it’s said to focus slowly. That never bothered me. The results were great, and I think better than the later versions with x-trans sensor. But that’s just a film guy talking…

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