Black and White is better!

I just state this bluntly.2013-08-03 at 19-46-09

I like the look of it more than color, and not because it’s supposed to be ‘artsy’. I have just come to see the world in black and white.

When I see an interesting scene I immediately imagine it in contrasty black and white. Can’t help it!2013-08-03 at 19-47-20

These are the results of a walk one summer afternoon, last year. Nothing new, just some photos I have selected in my Lightroom library.Version 2

A bit dark, a bit gloomy, but that’s the way I like my two colours! It’s strange but when I walk around I don’t even look for color, I don’t seem to see them. All that speaks to me is the light, the contrasts, the structures… the grit.2013-08-03 at 19-48-02

This is of course just my opinion. A lot of people do great color photography. Not least of them William Eggleston who built all his reputation not only on composition but mainly on color.FXE11506

For me there’s nothing like those shades of grey… definitely more than 50 of those 😉FXE11509

And if you behave really well, one day soon I’ll tell you a secret…..

pssst, come near and listen…..


14 thoughts on “Black and White is better!

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  1. Wonderful, Frank !

    Thinking about Eggleston, i am amazed by the amount of younger people who try in an inferior way to imitate Eggleston with their digital gear, I always think of it as “the Eggleston trap”…


    1. True, but it’s not the gear that’s at fault. You can do nice ‘Eggleston’ with film or digital, but you have to ave the eye!

      In the end, though I always shout out for film, the choice of medium does not matter!

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  2. I like black and white a lot. I find black and white photos endearing – with a little mixture of nostalgia and wonder. I can’t agree more with “seeings things in black and white”. Fantastic images, Frank. I like the dark contrasts and textures.

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  3. Love the images, particularly the first picture. Colour has its place, but some how black & white just has endless possibility’s.


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