Night Shift in Colour

Well, not exactly a night shift… more one of my usual early-morning-before-work strolls.

I find these moment vey relaxing. For one thing, my mind is still fresh, uncluttered form a day’s work and troubles. I have finished emerging from early morning drowsiness during the bus ride and am receptive for the frames that appear before my eyes.FXE11858

In color, for a change! Though looking back through the last month‘s posts I notice quite a lot of colour creeping into my photography.FXE11855

The still empty building waiting for their tenants, offices stil mostly dark.FXE11854

Indigo morning could be the title of this one. I have no idea what kind of lighting produces this blue colour but the billboard in the foreground is the correct white. Looks nice though!FXE11853

Ah those building sites, always a nice motive in the night. And there’s a lot of them in Luxembourg City! Too many!FXE11852

They say in the night all the colours are grey…. I beg to differ here! Popping reds and yellows here!FXE11850

‘L’ stands for…?FXE11849

Thank you for stopping by, guys!

2 thoughts on “Night Shift in Colour

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  1. All the building work going on reminds me of London, apart from the text on the signs and the absence of homeless people it could be anywhere these days I guess. But sometimes the most ordinary of subjects that pass by unnoticed can reveal some interesting colours, and digital is good for low light. I wonder how they would look with some textured b/w versions next to them?


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