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  1. 6:7 (for medium format or 4:5 for large format) would have been perfect for this shot. It would have provided some extra space above the traffic light.

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  2. I like the shadows!

    Frank, on a technical WordPress-y note, when these single photo posts appear in my email (I mostly follow via email) I just get the title, “No Words” then “Read more of this post. I don’t get the picture. So they all look exactly the same. I believe there’s a setting you can change in your WP settings to allow the whole post to be shown in emails, you might want to change this so those of us following by email can see the images, and indeed the whole post. Just makes it more enticing to read and follow through with comments than seeing the title alone.


    1. Right! Thanks for pointing this out.

      In fact I thought that, as these posts were only single photos, revealing all in the mail would not tempt anyone to click through to WP. Viewing in a mail does not count as a view (yes, that’s how shallow I am…)

      I’ll revert to somewhat longer posts I guess…


      1. Well, to be utterly honest Frank, if an image is there in the email notification, and I like it, I’ll click through and say so. If there’s no image, and my time is limited, it’s unlikely I’ll click through at all. This is not just with you I mean any blog posts I follow. I don’t know if I’m the “typical” reader, but that’s my honest feedback.


      2. Just my experience/view. I used to be more hung up on page views etc, but ultimately if people are reading, it doesn’t matter whether it’s directly on the blog, in WP Reader or via email. We’re not in the business of farming traffic for our blogs to keep advertisers happy or anything, we just want people to read, enjoy and comment. At least I think we’re both on much the same page with that goal. : )

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