Latest Pictures from the Leica IIIa

Here are some more photographs taken with my great Leica IIIa.160910-fomapan-100-leica-iiia-001 This camera does not stop making me wonder how I have managed before. It’s such a great feeling thing, and yes, I know I said I would not talk gear any more, but this is not about vulgar gear. It’s about a camera that simply makes you want to go out and click that shutter.160910-fomapan-100-leica-iiia-018It’s about a gorgeous piece of mechanic excellence, near 80 years old, that is all you need to make a great picture or two.160910-fomapan-100-leica-iiia-013It’s an inspiring camera, and  that is what it’s basically all about. The convergence of the subject and the gear. Perfect in any way.160910-fomapan-100-leica-iiia-027What could you want more? You feel great, you walk about a city you really love, you see lovely views and you hold the means to make a nice photograph… photographer’s heaven!160910-fomapan-100-leica-iiia-028



14 thoughts on “Latest Pictures from the Leica IIIa

  1. Chouettes photos que les tiennes ! Je viens de m’offrir un Leica III de 1936 et je viens de lui visser dessus un Voigtlander Color-Skopar 50/2.5. Il me tarde de voir ce que donne cette petite optique japonais de 2002….
    Mais je te rejoins sur le plaisir que l’on a à manipuler et utiliser un Vieux Leica à vis.

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