From the Darkroom Floor

Sometimes, when you go through your negatives you see strange stuff. Stuff you discard, you don’t even bother to scan.

Did you hit the shutter button by mistake? Did you want to try out some crazy thing that went south?darkroomfloor001-2Or did ou intentionnally move the camera to create some arty stuff?

Anyways, most of the time these negatives won’t make the cut – they’ll land on your (virtual) darkroom floor.

darkroomfloor001But as Moriyama Daido did, sometimes you pick them up, scan them and find that they hold their own. The pictures can be interesting, arresting, intriguing….darkroomfloor001-3And sometimes, oh so rarely, you find something that looks good, at least to you. It’s a surprise, a nice wink from the goddess of light.

Sometimes the resulting picture makes some kind of sense!darkroomfloor001-4So next time when you toss out some frame, negative or other scan, take a second look. There might be something in there!

As ever, thanks for being here!

9 thoughts on “From the Darkroom Floor

  1. We’ve all been there, I presume. Usually I will have something looking like a disaster on either end of a film, but also somewhere in the middle by some sort of accident.
    Then I got my Voigtländers with sticky shutter… which seems to return things like this more or less all the time. I like to load a roll inside them every now and then, and go out to play 🙂

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  2. […] Eleven photos from a roll of 36 made the cut. Not too bad. The rest are not useless, well most of them apart from a couple shaky ones and one where I hit the shutter by mistake. But they are simply not really good. Though you should never throw them out as I said HERE! […]


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