Walking home from work.

As much as I like Ilford’s HP5+ film for it’s flexibility, it’s grain and nice contrast, I sometimes fall back to ISO 100 film, and what can be better (and cheaper) than Foma’s Fomapan 100.160425-fomapan-100-olympus-xa2-14

A lovely emulsion that gives you such nice contrasts and shades of gray as these.

On days like this one I feel the urge to walk home and not take the bus, though it about 3.5 km. Always with a camera in my pocket (wait, it was again that XA2 šŸ˜‰ ). The late afternoonĀ sun does nice things toĀ the buildings and streets.160425-fomapan-100-olympus-xa2-16

This Fomapan film is really great, pehaps not as fine grained as it’s Kodak or Ilford concurrents, but a very nice looking emulsion nonetheless.160425-fomapan-100-olympus-xa2-23

See the tree growing out of the shed….

Nothing is better after a stressful day at work than taking a nice long walk with a good camera in hand.160425-fomapan-100-olympus-xa2-26

Always keep an eye out for those views. Always be ready to catch that photograph, be ready to see it.Ā 160425-fomapan-100-olympus-xa2-15

Thanks again for reading!

5 thoughts on “Walking home from work.

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  1. Once again Frank some lovely shots here. I like the detail the film appears to have captured – especially the bricks in no 4 and the cobbles in no 1. I like the combination of the XA2 and fomapan, one I shall have to try. I now regret getting rid of my darkroom kit. Still we live and learn. Keep up the great blog and providing us with many fine images!

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  2. Great snaps here, Frank! Looks like you have a really nice walk back home from work.
    I love the Fomapan emulsions, and the 100ASA is of course the top one. I have only got something useful out of the 200 version a couple of times, but now I seem to have got some sort of hang of the development of that one as well. It’s not bad when you hit with development, but the Fomapan 100 is just brilliant, so I always make sure I have a few rolls in stock of that one.

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