Generation Art – The Fifth Challenge

Yes, here we are at the end of the fifth challenge….. and at the end of my humble participation in this adventure. There, the cat is out of the bag!gart4-002-5

Although the past weeks were an incredible strain, I have enjoyed every moment of it. I learned a lot (even at my advanced age) and I think I can safely say that I am more confident in my photography now than I was before. That I have acquired much more confidence in myself….

I enjoyed that, unlike other reality shown on TV, there was no internal strife between us participants. We worked as a team, helped each other out and every one had a good time.

So the challenge we got this week was…. the Portrait!d384ee51408d707eac035556b8fdbd69

But not just a simple portrait of course. It had to be more! We were to transform the photographic portrait, to work with it, to work on it and to make something different out of it!

WHAT THE F….! I thought. When I make a  portrait, it’s that, it’s finished. It’s The Portrait! What in hell shall I do to it, to make it more…. artsy?

So like my comrades I switched to Brainstorm Mode! But unlike them, I am rather older, my perception of photography is stuck in antediluvian times. A portrait is a portrait is a portrait! It shows the person, the soul. How to give it ‘more meaning’?

So I decided to take a ride, to just go home! No, I didn’t give up! I went home to get my Polaroid camera, made a detour to get some Impossible film (impossibly expensive film), all the while frantically thinking about my immediate future.

I finally had two ideas! Yep, not only one, old fart that I am, but TWO GREAT IDEAS!

First one, I didn’t put much faith in it…. I’d make a lot of ‘partial portraits ‘of my comrades and do some patchwork of them…. not great, but an idea nonetheless.

Second, the APTDP (Amazing Polaroid Three-D Portrait)! Not new I guess, but always good to wow the masses… I thought.

So I went ahead and grabbed my Canon AE-1 and nagged the others to sit (or in this case, to quickly stand) for me.


The result was a bunch of face-parts I had to painstakingly assemble, once developed, scanned and printed out.

I ended up with lots of material…. and no idea what to do with it! Should I go for the funny angle and do some silly stuff like this?untitled

Let me tell you that I was desperate and really tempted by this approach. But I finally decided to play it to the finish and try to get some artistic stuff together… didn’t work out though.

My second idea took some time. I made 4 polaroid pictures of my sorry self, all around, and a last one of the contents of my head – photo gear of course. Then I assembled the photos into something resembling a cube (any Kindergarten kid would have done better!) and looked at it and cried…. Nooooo, I didn’t cry of course. But I was somewhat underwhelmed by the tiny result. Nothing to present to a jury here.img_0259

So I took all my little 4 by 6 printouts, looked for an available space and started laying them out to get some presentable result.img_0511

Yep, there might be something there… slowly approaching a final product. Just have to get rid of the feet in the lower corners. Now don’t think this was quick, I spent HOURS shuffling the pieces around to get to this….

And what will be my story behind this stuff? I’ll have to sell it to the jury!

So let me think – these are photos of my colleagues, my friends. They are all in there, at least those remaining in the competition. Yes, that’s it, it’s Generation-Art-Man… with a small piece missing, above the left eye, symbolic for those who already left

Anyways, that was it! I’m out of Generation Art – Photo Edition. And honestly I am not sad! Really! I’m glad I made it to the fifth episode. I enjoyed meeting great people, fellow contestants, the TV crew and the jury members. I’m happy I learned a lot during these weeks, and I’m glad I could deliver my final message to promote film photography (I hope they did not just cut that part……).

And for those who have the amazing courage to watch the newest episode, and the last one featuring Me, Myself and I, just see HERE! (Will be online later this evening)

Of course I will be reporting on the next episodes during the next weeks, though the main character is sadly gone 😉

Until then, thanks for reading!!

8 thoughts on “Generation Art – The Fifth Challenge

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  1. I’ve just struggled through the first ten minutes of the show and about 5 minutes towards the end.

    Having seen a lot of rtl in Germany, I almost always get the impression that the shows are manipulated. Here, too. Regardless of what you presented, I suspect you wouldn’t have got any further.

    Form experience, it is difficult enough to make decent portraits and I really don’t see what you could or should have done “on top”. If you had found an unusual personality and managed to make five good portraits, that would have been unusual enough and an achievement in itself.


  2. I’m totally in love with old Polaroid cameras and I like your idea to put them together to a tiny cube! 🙂 And yes, Impossible films are really expensive, but I buy the expired ones and factory seconds, they’re just half a price and give unpredictable results (what for me makes the fun) 😀

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    1. I fpound it difficult to assemble a nice cube, was too much in a hurry. I should have laid them out flat and assembled them tightly with tape, then fold the cube up and glue the last seams.

      I had to cut down the top one and that nice gooey blue stuff ran out…. watch out for that 😉


      1. Thanks! oh yeah, never cut into the chemical pack.. 🙂 But it’s amazing how there are no limits of manipulating Polaroid pictures.. an own kind of analog photography and art

        Liked by 1 person

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