Oscar the Leica IIIa is back!

Yes, after over a month he is back from the doctor’s! And he’s in great shape. Freshly cleaned, lubed and adjusted by masters of the art of camera maintenance, Will van Manen and his wife Cathy Kuiper from Kamera Service in the Netherlands.170330 - Leica IIIa - Ilford HP5 (4)

I can only recommend their work and the clear and transparent way they do it. Very fast to respond to mail, reasonably fast turnaround (there were holidays during the time Oscar spent there, explaining the slight delay) and reasonable prices for good work.

The first roll, or better call it a half-roll as I shot the first 20 frames with my AE-1, is scanned and the results are really quite lovely!!!170330 - Leica IIIa - Ilford HP5 (7)

No price winning shots here, they were just tests, but they came out beautifully. I used a roll of StreetPan 400 from Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter fame. A lovely emulsion, very good contrast, and nice grain. A bit on the expensive side though. Much more so than HP5 or Tri-X. But I’m always one for supporting new film.

Anyways, Bellamy also sells fine film containers in black, white and any number of gaudy colours for your enjoyment! And of course he can source the nicest, best and rarest cameras form Japan for you!

So Oscar has behaved nicely and as a reward I fed him a roll of HP5 which he is currently going through. So more from that front very soon.

Here are some more photos:170330 - Leica IIIa - Ilford HP5 (11)

170330 - Leica IIIa - Ilford HP5 (10)By the way, this building was the CASINO, but some funny guy (or analphabet) seems to have mixed up the letters a bit. INCAOS makes no sense…. or does it? IN CHAOS! Yes I got it!!!170330 - Leica IIIa - Ilford HP5 (13)

And the final note for this series is:170330 - Leica IIIa - Ilford HP5 (12)

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5 thoughts on “Oscar the Leica IIIa is back!

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  1. It’s nice to have the camera back all working as it should. What numbers appear on the edge of the Japan Hunter film that might reveal something of its provenance? £20 is an outrageous price for film, that’s getting on for nearly a quid a shot.

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  2. I just checked the price at Bellamy’s shop…. bloody 25 € (2.850 Yen) a roll! That’s outrageous!!! More than Acros!!!

    I bought 5 rolls back in december (got them somewhere in January) for 50€ the pack with postage… and a registration for the chance to win Bellamy’s Contax T2.

    Didn’t win of course but I already found the price a bit stiff.

    No way I’m gonna use more.

    The box says ‘Made in Belgium’ so it might well be some Agfa. I’ll check the negatives for some more information later.


      1. The price difference was big way back in December and is just short of theft now! The film is OK, nice contrast not too grainy… but no way it’s worth the price. A masterpiece in marketing with the ‘sold out’ and ‘temporarily unavailable’ moves.


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