New Film! Again!

Good news don’t seem to stop this year, so today will be a double feature day!

I just read an announcement for a ‘new’ film from Zorki Photo!


The film is in fact an existing, unnamed 100 ISO emulsion, very nicely repackaged in a gorgeous soviet-retro-style.

New or existing emulsion, makes no difference`Any new player in the world of film is warmly welcomed as it just underlines the fact that film has some sort of future! Not as glorious as before, but it has still it’s place and that place is growing!

So welcome to ZORKI PHOTO MONO!

And thank you to Stephen Dowling at and good luck with your venture!

And while you’re visiting his site, take some time to browse his nice reviews and his other posts!

Thanks for visiting and keep buying film…. or start doing it!

5 thoughts on “New Film! Again!

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  1. When first reading this knowing that the Russian manufacturer Zenit are set to release a new film camera, I did wonder if this new film was from over there but no. Good luck to Stephen with this venture, I will try and roll or two when I get my hands on some.


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