At last… I’m still alive!

Dunno if anyone wondered where I was gone those last weeks.

But I assure you, I’m still alive 😉

Photographically speaking it’s been very quiet, so I’ll just show you a thing from last winter.

Winter is really my favorite time, most of all because it’s still dark when I go to work and I get my best shots.IMGP4556 (Edited)-2.jpg

Very basic, graphic… I quite like it!

But there’s hope, days getting shorter (and hotter)! I really can’t stand this heat any longer.

See you soon and thanks for staying faithful to my little blog!

11 thoughts on “At last… I’m still alive!

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    1. Ok, let’s put the fault to the heat!

      But you’re right. Too hot to do anything but sitting at home with closed shutters…. guess those Spanish know the drill with their siestas

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  1. The real reason for Mr Lehnen’s absence…

    Mrs Lehnen, informed me that Frank was banned from using his computer until he had caught up with all his chores, regardless of the weather.

    This included redecorating all the rooms in the house, putting new shelves in the dinning room, hanging new curtains, installing the new bathroom, fixing the dripping taps in the kitchen, clean and polish her car, and finally, tiding up the garden, not forgetting to take the rubbish down to the refuse site.

    Having caught up with these chores and earn’t his brownie points, Mrs. Lehnen has assured me that normal service will now resume.

    Great to see you again! 😀

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    1. Hopefully…

      Therés still the cat’s litter to clean, vacuuming the flat, cleaning the car and the list goes on and on…

      But I’ll sneak some time in for you, promised!

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