I have to admit that, though I love film, I also use digital for pure convenience. But not a digital camera as such. I rely on my iPhone just because it lives in my pocket all of the time.

I don’t like making photographs with it, really not! I have to hold it at arm’s length in front of me and try to touch the trigger spot with fiddly fingers or squeeze the volume/trigger button without shaking the thing about too much.

Holding it in landscape mode is the worst. It feels so unstable and I’m always afraid I’ll drop the darn expensive thing.

I really really don’t like it, but it’s the thing in my pocket on the rare days I don’t carry at least my XA2 or when I have run out of film….

And of course it is unbeatable for making stealthy pictures…. but that’s another story.

So, as I am sometimes ‘forced’ to rely on it I had to find a way to work around the awkward feel it gives me.And I found a solution:

I hold the phone in my right hand, portrait orientation, but I set it to SQUARE format. Black and White of course with a high contrast setting, as I like it. This way I can press the volume/trigger button with my index finger while being able to hold the thing securely in my fist.Mind you, this works for me with the smaller versions of the iPhone – I’m using a 5s and I fear I won’t be able to ‘upgrade’ to a bigger one. They are even thinner, slippier and of course bigger. Tried them but my hands are fairly small and they simply don’t fit as well in my grip.

So if ever I chose to upgrade, the only alternative for the moment will be the iPhone 5SE for me. No iPhone 7 Plus with super duper magick twin-lens camera šŸ˜¦

But do I need it…. let me think about that. Sure I’d like one! Though I shoot film I’m not a complete Luddite. I love my phone, my kindle, my computer….

I want it….. but I don’t need it! So it’s not very useful to thing about constantly upgrading the iPhone all the time. I really prefer thinking about buying film gear…. !

Thanks for reading!

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