More from the XA2

The latest roll shot with my XA2 yielded some more photos that I like.170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-12

Just to say once more how I admire the sharpness and rendering of that fantastic, tiny lens. Of course the scans can’t render all the complexity of the negatives and the downsized files presented here do not help either. 170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-13

Hard to imagine how Maitani San and his optical engineers at Olympus managed to squeeze a 35mm lens into a 28mm deep space. And a lens of this superior quality at that.170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-23

Now the lens of the original XA rangefinder version of my XA2 is said to be even better. The problem is that I tried several XAs over the last years and none of them has convinced me. Not the fault of the lens though – it was the viewfinder and it’s very tiny and faint rangefinder patch that put me off. Perhaps I had no luck with the cameras I got. One day I’ll give the XA another chance.170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-3

OK, just one more for for the road:170125-olympus-xa2-ilford-hp5-24

Thanks for reading and please remember to get an XA2 and give it a try.

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  1. I have an XA and an XA2 too, for some reason I have only put film through the XA up to now, I have heard the XA2 has the better lens out of the two, it is about time I found out.

    As for the faint range-finder patch, I found the solution is to put a tiny piece of masking-tape on the outside of the centre of the viewfinder, it improves things a lot.

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