Going to work…. again

Yes, I’m not yet retired!

Waiting for it, it’s true, but not yet there. Still about 10 years to go… So I’m still going to work each morning.170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (20)

Of course it’s more or less the same way I take… I’m getting old, so I have my preferences.

But each morning is different. Luckily! It’s not getting boring! Depending on the camera I have with me, on the film that’s in it and depending on the light, each morning offers something new.170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (16)

A new take on an old view…

Might be good to move sometimes soon though to get a whole new way to explore i every light. Not that I haven’t moved enough those last…. well, those last 35 years you might say. But more on that later…170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (25)

Every day brings new views, new opportunities and that is what I’d like to tell you today! Create your opportunities, force yourselves to see the usual things with new eyes.

Change something!170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (24)

Do something you have not done before like….. well, like using Ilford FP4! I did this last week and I’m amazed about the results!

I tried Tmax 400 just before and it was a great experience as I wrote HERE. And honestly, FP4, a fine grained 125 ISO film from Ilford was gorgeous.

What’s the price you ask, what are the bad points of FP4? Of course it’s the sensitivity. Barely adequate for early morning shots, and I don’t want to lug a tripod around. And no flash either….170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (23)

FP4 is not a winter film stock! It’s strictly a summer film that gives you great results with a VERY fine grain structure, nice tones and still good contrast… at least if stand-developed in Rodinal.

The camera for this outing was my beautiful Canon AE-1! Yes, no Leica, no fancy camera, just the basic consumer camera of the late seventies, the AE-1. Produced in millions they are readily available today, though they have their problems. And they are quite pricey sometimes as they have some Hipster-approval lately.

But it’s a great camera, with limitations, but still a great camera. Perhaps some day I’ll write a nice review about it!170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (5)

By the way, here’s a comparison shot from the AE-1 with Ilford FP4 and my iPhone, shot with Lightroom mobile in RAW and treated to an FP4 preset in Silver Efex Pro2….. Which is which???? Can you tell?170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (36)


I swear one of them is digital…. aaaaarghhhh!

And as a small bonus, here are the usual End-Of-Roll-Shots I talked about HERE!170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (3)

170706 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford FP4 (2)

So again I thank you for stopping by and wish you happy photos!

19 thoughts on “Going to work…. again

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  1. Which is which????
    I’m going to drop myself in it… first film, second digital. Why, I think the first image has got just a little more detail typical of film, but they are still very close. I would use the film camera over digital any day.
    Great images Frank, wish I could use my camera on the way to work.

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  2. 12 km drive to work, get in lorry, drive 537 km all at night. One confession, this is the only time I will use my phone camera…


  3. Yes there fun to drive, most of the time but unfortunately, time is something lorries take a lot of in your life,12 to 15 hours of the day, so I only get a Sunday or holidays to go out shooting.

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  4. Great shots as ever Frank. Thanks and keep them coming. Just out of curiosity, when you shoot what catches your eye? Texture, shape, line, lighting? I ask because I think I see something but when the photo is viewed i wonder what I saw! Your photos always seem to grab my attention and I was wondering if you could give me a couple of pointers Please?

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    1. Thank you, Ian.

      That’s exactly what I’m looking for when I walk around with a camera, Texture, shapes, lines, lighting and when I’m lucky, some interresting situations.

      It’s hard to explain but when I see a subject I already imagine the final photo. I can see the result in black and white with the contrast racked up just as I like it, harsh shadows and all…

      I think it’s a question of perseverance.


      1. Look for the inusual things, even slightly so. Look for the light…. I often miss too. Sometimes I see interresting light playing among the trees of the city parc for example and the result is just boring… not all photos come out OK.

        Take your time, walk slowly, don’t shoot too fast, think about what you see. Sometimes go back some way to a view you passed because it keeps tickling your mind. Take a second or third look and try different angles. Perhaps you’ll see a photo.

        Keep an open mind! Don’t go out with a closed mindset, such as ‘today I’ll shoot only trashcans’.

        Don’t do projects!!! They tend to limit your way of seeing, of locking you in a limited frame. If you want, do your projects when editing. You’ll see a series of photos that make a project afterwards, put them together and make a book or zine…. that’s great stuff.

        This is just the way I operate, might work for you or not… anyways, keep on keepin’ on!

        By the way, where can I see some of your photos. I’d like to.


  5. not put any in public domain yet. I do have a flickr account and use google photos with a handful of shared albums among friends and family. Don’t normally consider my photos good enough to post. I’ll have to start sharing. I’ll see if i can find out how to upload to flickr for starters as already have an account although only basic membership.

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    1. Ian, I’ve only got a basic Flickr account and its very easy to upload, if I can do it, anyone can. Instagram is another good site to try and all free.

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      1. Managed to post handful to flickr so far. Though have some serious sorting to do on back catalogue. Hadn’t thought about instagram – have to look at that thanks Martin


    1. No, sorry. I had an account some time ago but maintaining all this took too much time. My blog, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram… had to slow down so Flickr and instagram were left out. Well I still have an instagram account but don’t use it regularly


  6. Awesome pics and post Frank!! FP4 is one of my favorite films and your comments about it are right on the money. A “summer film” with “very fine grain structure” I totally agree with. As for the film vs digital thing, it’s a dilemma that all of us film shooters deal with, you’re not alone my good man! 🙂

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