24 thoughts on “Winter – Silence

  1. Frank, great to read something quite poetic, like a little winter haiku! Quite surprised the image isn’t b/w though, to fit the weather and mood…

    We had a brief flirtation with snow here yesterday, a few flurries for all of an hour. Then an hour later still and it was all melted and forgotten.

    What’s your favourite season for photography?

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      • Spring is very close – lots of snowdrops and crocus peeping through the cold earth over here…

        Re the K10D, an A 50/1.7 certainly shouldn’t be soft. Have you tried it on a film camera?

        My focus confirm light (the little polygon on the VF) is reliably accurate and I’ve used it when the light has been too difficult to focus otherwise. I have heard of some cameras (not just the K10D) having issues with “back focusing”

        When you Google it there’s lot that comes up…


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    • Dan, pssst, don’t tell: that’s a photo from a Pentax K10D! I struggle with focusing though. The A SMC 50 1.7 seems very soft. And I think I’ll turn off the focusing aid as it gets it wrong mostly. Or can it be my camera????

      When I do color I mostly prefer it subdued.


  2. Nonsense! 🙂 Snow fight, sledging, little drifting, it was a really good day over a long time.

    Now I hope that there will be more snow followed by good cold sunny weather and I can finally make good winter pictures.

    The low contrast grey is really not interesting.

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  3. Sitting in a farmhouse in Glen Clova surrounded by snow topped hills, there is only 1 answer….. ! Although it’s still a wee bit early yet.

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